3 Killer Tips to Building Effective LinkWheels That Drive Laser Targeted Traffic


LinkWheels can be very powerful if you know how to use them correctly. This short report is going to show you some essential tips you can use to make more powerful LinkWheel systems.

First, lets take a look at what a LinkWheel is. A LinkWheel consists of several “properties.” These properties link to each other and to your “money site” or the page you are trying to promote. The properties themselves generally consist of web 2.0 sites, article sites, and video sites.

Here are a few quick tips to help you build your own LinkWheel:

Do not close your LinkWheel. A closed LinkWheel is when you have a set of LinkWheel properties that complete a circle. Google can detect these LinkWheel systems and may flag them as link manipulation. This could result in a Google slap. Instead, make sure your LinkWheels are open.

A great way to make sure your LinkWheels are not closed is to use a free online mind mapping tool that you can use to draw out your LinkWheels and interlink them randomly. Once you visualize your LinkWheel you can write out in a notepad which property connects to the next.

Do not use six properties! Using six properties in a LinkWheel is effective, however, you should be building more advanced LinkWheel systems to really make your LinkWheels even more effective. When I make LinkWheels I usually start with eight properties.


Because everybody else starts with six. I want to get a leg up on the competition any way I can so I start with eight and add more properties if needed. Some LinkWheels will require 16 properties while others may only require eight. Find a number that consistently works for you and stick with it.

Update your LinkWheel content. Yea, that’s right – you SHOULD update your LinkWheel content on a regular basis. This will keep it fresh and help your sites gain more authority. Your LinkWheel will naturally grow stronger this way.

Do not get me wrong – its not like your blog that you update every other day. Think of it as more of a twice a month type of chore. This will help you tremendously in the long run.

Sometimes properties in your LinkWheel will start to develop into their own money making sites. When this happens you can seriously leverage the power of your LinkWheel to generate massive traffic and ultimately generate a lot more money.

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