Apple has taken a step forward in tightening the regulation of real-money gaming applications in order to prohibit minors from having access to these types of applications, so it was published this week in the rules of the Apple store.

Rules Update

According to the new rules, applications that offer real money games , such as sports betting, poker, online casino games, horse racing, must have a license, as well as permissions in the locations where the application it is used. The application should be restricted to those locations only and the application should be free in Apple’s store.

Applications may request data such as the date of birth (or use other methods of accessing minors) in order to comply with the legislation applicable to the privacy of children and young people. Those applications that collect, transmit or have the ability to share personal information (such as a minor’s name and address) must comply with the privacy laws of children and young people currently in force.

Apple should be applauded for implementing these rules for restricting access to minors. Thanks to measures like this, users of the iOS system can continue to be 100% sure that the mobile online game applications they use are legally complying with the rules and legislation in force and that there are principles of privacy protection and fair play.

As our readers may have noticed recently, there has been a greater concern on the part of mobile applications when it comes to laws. For example, the mobile casino All Slots launched an application at the Apple app store in the UK. Ladbrokes launched new Blackjack and Roulette applications in conjunction with software developer Realistic Games.

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